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40' x 73'
1551 sf

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70' x 52'
1783 sf

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80' x 48'
2026 sf

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102' x 40'
1999 sf

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79' x 42'
2081 sf

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36' x 60'
2121 sf

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25' x 73'
3619 sf

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32' x 55'
1916 sf

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26' x 50'
1285 sf

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38' x 64'
2889 sf

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38' x 64'
2798 sf

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22' x 54'
1443 sf

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26' x 40'
1867 sf

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17' x 28'
950 sf

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1009 sf

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Home Staging for Resale

Our team assisted the client in preparing their million dollar estate home for resale.

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Our team decluttered, cleaned and reconfigured the furniture to flow better.

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Give us carte blanche and you'll be presented with an ambitious colour scheme with bold fabrics, textures and furniture.

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Interior Decorating

This classic beauty, with a rich pallet of coulor gives a fresh new look on this stunning home.

Ideas through experience,
creativity through design.

Design 53

Story About Us

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Design 53

About Us

Design 53 is able to create exciting and vibrant product design, construction plans, space planning, home staging, de-cluttering and cleaning services.

Dani Coles – President: Architectural Design
Dani started her career in 1995 working as a Junior Draftsperson for a Structural and Mechanical Engineering company in Edmonton.

Six years later, she shifted focus into the Residential Industry and worked her way up from a Junior Draftsperson to Regional Design Manager.

Dani is well-versed with incorporating value-engineered principles into new designs to ensure marketability and competitive pricing for a company. She has a solid understanding of the relationship between costs and design elements.

Amber-Dawn Reid – Vice President: Interior Decorating
In 2003, Amber-Dawn provided professional cleaning services ranging from micro-flats to multi-million dollar estates homes.

Her interest evolved into space planning; and her no-nonsense approach provides an affordable alternative to costly interior design projects.

With her cultivated eye, expert colour sense and space planning vision, Amber-Dawn is able to unfold cohesive, warm and inviting interiors that her clients can easily recognize themselves in.

Kyley Loyer – Senior Creative Designer
Kyley graduated from the Architectural Technology program at NAIT in 2002 and began as a Production Draftsperson with a large home builder.

Her interest in creative design overtook the daily repetitive drafting of cookie-cutter homes and she eventually found herself designing large scale estate homes for custom builders.

Meticulous attention to detail, functionality of spaces and knowledge of the construction process have proven Kyley to be a valuable asset to our Team.



Design 53

Our Process

Initial Client Consultation
Bring all of your thoughts, ideas, brochures, photos, magazine clippings and other information you have that will give us the clearest vision of your home expectation. In our experience, this meeting has the potential to be one of the most important steps. It will not only give us an idea of the type of home you are looking for, but will also allow us the chance to get to know you the Client.

Preliminary Design
All of the information gathered from the Initial Client Consultation will be translated into a Preliminary Floor Plan with a Front Elevation. At the beginning of this stage, we will only be looking at the overall layout of the design and space planning; trying to determine the location and size of each desired room and how each space will flow from one area of the home to the next. As the design progresses, more detail will be added to the plans each time. Therefore, this stage typically takes some time as we will most likely being communicating back and forth a few times doing our best to get your floor plans just right.

Working Drawings
Once the Preliminary Design has been finalized and approved, the Working Drawings are ready to be put together. Working Drawings will include any and all information necessary to tell a Builder or Contractor how to properly construct the house. Full dimensioning, building sections and construction details are only a few items that all have to be completed. As a result, these drawings typically demand a certain amount of time to complete. These are the drawings you will be sending for quotes, engineering and more importantly using to physically build your new home. Therefore, accuracy is important to reduce or eliminate any timely and costly questions during the construction process.

We are available to our Clients for any questions or concerns during the construction process. Feel free to contact us anytime you have any questions and we will do our best to help determine the answer you might be looking for.



Design 53


What our clients have to say about Design 53.

  • louise S. - Homeowner

    Wow!!! So nice, just like Christmas. We have a beautiful oasis.

  • Claire P. - Homeowner

    It's refreshing to find a company in the service industry that actually understands the meaning of customer service. She was friendly, extremely thorough, professional and gave me a run down on everything that she did. It gives me great comfort knowing that, not only can I trust someone in my home, but the job she did was superior.

  • Nicki A. - Homeowner

    I used Design 53, for their cleaning services in my home. I had them come in for a big de-clutter of my home, deep cleaning, and organization. I was very impressed by the work done! The consultant was friendly and listened to exactly what I wanted to accomplish. She was also very patient, which I appreciated because I can be rather fickle. Once we had the plan, the consultant executed it perfectly. She was extremely organized and very efficient in her cleaning. She respected the created plan of action while also providing suggestions for things I could do in the future to keep my home the way I wanted it to be! This was a reasonably priced service and I would say that it was worth it, for the amount of work that had to be done! I have already recommended Design 53 to some friends and I would not hesitate to use them in the future.

  • Krysta F. - Homeowner

    A big thank-you to Trend Designs and Amber-Dawn, for transforming my 3100 square foot home. They helped me with cleaning, decorating, staging and making my home completely ready to sell. It has never looked so good. I’m extremely impressed by their attention to detail, ability to manage their time efficiently, and their professionalism. I look forward to many years of using their services in my new home.

  • Maurice Saccomanno - Jayman MasterBUILT

    Dani is a dynamic leader with an innate ability to engage and inspire both her team and her peers. She is results driven, and shrewdly works collaboratively with her team to set and achieve their goals. Dani is adept at both building, and leveraging outside relationships, and understands how valuable they can be to achieving success. She has infectious enthusiasm, and brings with her a wealth of expertise and experience in design. Dani’s attention to detail and creativity is sot after by many leaders in the building industry. She has a keen sense of what people want and find appealing.

  • Erik Valeriano - Jayman MasterBUILT

    Dani is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and deliver quality solutions. She has successfully implemented many projects and developed several processes for our company that has resulted in increased efficiency, effectiveness and revenue. During her tenure, we saw an increase in proficiency that resulted in improved overall productivity. The current processes and templates were a direct result of the dedication, templates and plans implemented by Dani.
    Though she was an asset specifically to myself and our marketing efforts, Dani was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to providing quality drawings, floor plans and designs, Dani assumed a leadership role in communicating with staff, working with them to provide and create essential information and working plans.

Our Services

What we really can provide


Design 53:



Custom Homes
We produce high quality plans that incorporate what you want in a home that meet the Alberta Building Code and Local Bylaws. Having custom plans is cost effective and a lot easier than you think.
Once you decide to get your plans drawn, we sit down with you to discuss the design ideas to incorporate what is important to you in your new home. With the deposit, we will draw up the preliminary floor plan designs for your review. This will include the Main and Upper Floor Plans and Front Elevation. Once you have approved the design, we can create the entire plan set. You simply pay the balance upon delivery.

We will provide you with full Working Drawings that are ready for Permit submission and Construction. The Working Drawings will include Exterior Elevations, Detailed Floor Plans with Electrical, Foundation Plan, Cross Sections as required.

Home Builders
Competing with other companies require you to have an edge. If you are a small company, resources like a third party drafting company becomes an invaluable tool. Time management is crucial and your schedule is tight, why struggle with establishing an in-house design and drafting department when we can do that for you.

Having third party design and drafting services working with you gives your company a more robust and professional look to potential clients.

From the starter market to large estate homes, we can help establish a vision for your community and can be a party of the development of the community architectural guidelines for builders to follow. Our extensive experience in design and creativity will ensure the streetscapes of a community flow with the theme.

We will follow through with the Architectural Approval process to provide a positive influence on the community property values through the quality controls and preservation of design integrity within all project developments. Not only will the homes have a unique character as well as adhering to the overall theme for the phase or community.


Design 53:

Interior Decorating

Consulting & Cleaning

Interior Decorating
Our Interior Decorator will create functional, yet beautiful, spaces without the need for structural changes or costly renovations initiated by an Interior Designer. We work directly with you, giving you advice on which colour schemes, layouts, window coverings, furniture, lighting and objects of curiosity would be best suited for a particular space. We will establish your focal points, decluttering and editing suggestions, as well as inexpensive update options, input on minor repair and neutralizing space. We create visual representation sketches for our decorating ideas and present a cost estimate for you to approve prior to beginning the project. We will also organize and supervise the arrangement and installation of furnishings.

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Remodeling and Home Design

Cleaning Services
Our cleaning services are custom tailored to your specific requirements. We have a hard-working, efficient, thorough and dedicated team to make your home sparkle.

Design 53:


Small but Noteworthy

At Design53 no project is too small for us to tackle, whether you need garage plans, basement plans, table setting for a special occasion or that special design for that conversation piece in a room--we will handle it all!

Master Retreat

Master Bedroom transformed from baby yellow walls, ceiling fan and worn out berber carpet to a luxurious and elegant restful retreat.


Different table settings for every occasion.

Sliding Door

Created an inexpensive and unique solution to create privacy and artistic beauty.

Garage Shop Drawings

A garage and shop with mezzanine area.

Mudroom Closet

Small mudroom closet transformed into a tidy locker area.

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